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Novas and Nebulae is a rules-lite RPG for playing old-school-influenced sci-fi adventures. Fly among the stars, explore the expansive universe, fight aliens or don't, the choices are all yours! Be careful, though. The 'verse is as unforgiving as it is large...

Adding and subtracting rules to taste is expected and even encouraged, but not required.

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)


  • Maze Rats & Knave by Ben Milton
  • X-Splorers by Dave Bezio
  • Electric Bastionland by Chris McDowell
  • Star Dogs by  Gorgzu Games
  • 2400 by Jason Tocci
  • Troika! by Melanosian Arts Council
  • The Black Hack by David Black
  • Classic Traveller by Marc Miller

Cover "art" by James Sral


NovasAndNebulaeV1.3.1.pdf 523 kB
NovasAndNebulaeV1.3.1-Singles.pdf 810 kB
Novas and Nebulae-0.2.odt 26 kB
Novas and Nebulae-0.2.pdf 151 kB

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